Our Approach to COVID-19

Training martial arts during a pandemic is a challenging situation.  We are striving to provide the safest environment for you while still offering personal development for growth and life ling success.  While we are not able to make physical contact we can still challenge our selves physically and mentally.  We offer in-person classes, virtual classes, and private lessons.  We are confident that one of the methods of instruction will provide you what you want from your martial arts journey.


Please find our COVID procedures below.

Class Structure

  • The mat is divided up into nine squares with six feet between each square.  So you will have small class sizes and physical distancing.

  • You will need to register for your class through our booking system or call in to reserve a spot.

  • During Sparing and self-defense weeks you are welcome to bring a bubble buddy.  This is a person who is already in your social bubble, A family member, or a brave friend.


Booking Classes

  • For new students: Please book your first class by using the book your trial now link, after your first class you may use the method for existing students.

  • For existing students: In order to attend a class, you must log in to your account on our booking system and reserve your spot in a class. Using the booking system is simple. After you have logged in, there will be a drop-down menu available from where the login link was.  Select booking services then from there you should be able to select your age group and follow the prompts for booking class.  For your first booking, it will ask you to buy a plan for $0. Once completed you can confirm your booking by going to the my bookings page from the drop-down menu, where you originally logged in and found booking services.

Once you arrive for your class

  • Please refrain from entering the building until 5 minutes before your class time, we need time to clear out the previous class and to sanitize the training area

  • We ask that parents remain outside of the building

  • There are markings outside the door two meters apart for social distance protocol. Please take your spot in line and wait to be let in the building

  • Please were your uniform to class and try to leave things you won’t need for the class at home or in the car.

  • When the door is opened, you will be let in one at a time. You will be asked to place your shoes on the shoe rack and you will sanitize your hands. You may bring any belongings you have with you to your training area. Please get to your designated training area as quickly as possible and remain there for the duration of the class.

  • Keep your bottle of water on the mat close to you. You should not leave the mat to get water.

  • When class is over the instructor will ask you to exit one at a time. When your instructor calls on you, you will gather your shoes and belongings and use the rear door to exit.


  • Please use the washroom before arriving at the school to avoid using shared spaces.

  • Washrooms are of course available if needed.

  • Sinks are not available for drinking water so please bring water.

  • Changing rooms are not available for changing so please come to class with your gear on.


  • We will be cleaning the school in between classes using appropriate cleaners and addressing high touch areas thoroughly.