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Meet the TEAM!

As part of Red Tiger, you'll be working with passionate and committed Instructors. Their ability to help students reach their potential is second to none.


Alexander Saludo

Head Instructor/Manager

Mr. Saludo has been training with Red Tiger Martial Arts since 2012. He excels at what he does because he has a sharp eye for detail and always pushes his students to strive for their best. His passion is in teaching and he loves to watch the endless amount of growth from all of his students. Mr. Saludo is currently training to become a 2nd Degree Black Belt with Red Tiger. He specializes in quick hand-to-hand combat, skilled in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and various weapons.

Jason Saludo

Lead Instructor 

Mr. J. Saludo started training with Red Tiger Surrey since he was 8 years old.

Kurtis Raymond


Mr. Raymond is our weekend instructor. He is currently working on getting his First Degree Black Belt. 

Mike (Hoyeon) Lee

BJJ Instructor 

Mike started training with Red Tiger in 2008 when Jiu Jitsu was added in our program.

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